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World Trends

Artist: Various
Title: WORLD TRENDS (an exotic etno-grooves collection)
Gender: Worldbeat
Format: CD Digipack
Label: Different World
Cat.: DW50010CD
Ean Code: 5605064500104
Released: 07.02.2005
Distribution: Zeeside Consulting

A record where harmony comes and bridges different cultures on a quarrelsome world where music has the ability to unite what religion and politics separate.

An eclectic record that gathers some of the best names in the art of melting roots with modern vibes. A journey were we feel the fragrances of the wealthiest musical cultures: from the warmth of African rhythms across the passionate Tango, the melancholy of Fado to the joyful Bossa Nova, the spicy Flamenco and the Arabian Nights to the exotic Balkans.

A collection of ethnic and modern rhythms where we visit some renowned artists on the contemporary world music scene such as Astor Piazzolla or Amália Rodrigues, joining in different backgrounds as Asian Dub Foundation with Sinéad O’Connor, Terry Hall with Mushtaq and a remix of the main theme from the motion picture “Cidade de Deus”.

A record filled with exotic vibes where pop and electronic arts blend with roots.

An unlosable journey through World Trends, don’t miss it!


01. Asian Dub Foundation feat. Sinead O' Connor - 1000 Mirrors
02. Felipe Venâncio - Convite para a vida (domestic house edit)
03. Dum Dum Project - Inner Voices (Trilok Gurtu Remix)
04. Double MP - Bhigheshima
05. Eletrobossa - Agogô
06. Astor Piazzolla - Luna (Alexkid's Full Moon Remix)
07. Kamel Nitrate feat. Maria João Branco - Satellite
08. Blasted Mechanism - Karkov (Nadabrovitchka Mix) By DJ Dimitrivzki
09. Ugurcan - Sezen Taboo
10. Ojos De Brujo - Cale Bari (Dub Bari) DJ Panko Remix
11. Terry Hall & Mustaq - They gotta quit kicking my dog around
12. Bulllet feat. Liana - Cansaço
13. Sylvia Patrícia - Não quero saber seu nome (Remix)
14. Arsenal - Angola
15. Kandoo - N’ Canunhô


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