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Brazilounge 3

Artist: Various
Gender: Worldbeat / Brazil
Format: 2CD Digipack
Label: Different World
Cat.: DW500019DCD
Ean Code: 5605064500197
Released: 10.07.2006
Distribution: Zeeside Consulting

The world’s most original and refreshing brazilian compilation is back and celebrating its 4th anniversary.
In this new volume we have inspired the artwork in the galactic brazilian soccer players, to celebrate the passion shared among the nations for this year’s Soccer World Cup.

We have here the chance to kick off some more talented artists and producers from Brazil, Brazilounge 4 highlights are: Bossacucanova feat. Adriana Calcanhotto, Marcos Valle, Marissa, Funk Como Le Gusta and the newcomers Tarek and Licksamba feat. Rajae el Mouhandiz, the unreleased track Funk da Vitória by Edson X from the OST of the movie “Ginga - The soul of Brazilian football”, among others.

This movie is a documentary by Fernando Meireles (City of God) which features seven touching tales of new generation football players, and ends with Rominho story, the same that will be playing at 2006 World Cup.

As usual Brazilounge 4 is presented in a double CD digipak, Urban & Leisure.
We take this opportunity to thank all the artists and labels that have supported this collection for so long and helped us making out of it one of the most important reference in quality and value of the new brazilian music.


01. BossaCucaNova feat. Adriana Calcanhotto - Previsão
02. Licksamba feat. Rajae El Mouhandiz - Lilou Brasilia
03. Marissa - Alô alô
04. Valeria Sattamini - Tamanco no Samba remix
05. Marco André - Função das coisas
06. Taylor M. - Jamming in Rio
07. Mylene - Nela lagoa
08. Gaïa - Maracujá
09. Funk Como Le Gusta - Vertiplano
10. Remake the Cake - Quem tem tem
11. Marcos Valle - Summer Samba
12. Sylvia Patrícia - Não quero saber seu nome (remix)

01. Edson X – Funk da Vitória
02. Roberto Coelho - When you say
03. Cris Delanno - Consolação
04. Gaïa - Outono
05. Maracutaia feat. Samuel Fraga - Camisa listrada
06. Feeling Carioca - Bikini talk
07. Tarek - Quintal
08. Regra 4 - Maracutaia na cabeça
09. Célia Mara - Caçador de almas
10. Eliza Lacerda - Frases da lua
11. Deeper Sense feat. Mylene - Praia Grande
12. Metrô - Meu amor, meu amor (meu limão de amargura)

Artist: Various
Gender: Worldbeat / Brazil
Format: 2CD Digipack
Label: Different World
Cat.: DW500013DCD
Ean Code: 5605064500135
Released: 10.11.2004
Distribution: Zeeside Consulting

Brazilounge is one the most successful collection of the new musical trends from Brazil´s today.
We have selected 30 hot tracks of the new Brazilian electro-world-beats, you can find a wide range of genres in an electronic groovy way such as Bossa-Nova, Forró, Samba, Ambient, Fashion, Jazz and others.

This new Brazilounge is special, besides the refreshed look, this album features some of the best remixes from the Original Soundtrack of the motion picture Cidade de Deus (City of God), that had an Oscar nomination by the Hollywood Academy.

Most of the artists featured in this album comes from the states of Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Salvador da Baía, somehow this can explain the differences among them but there´s always the common feel of the relaxed and positive way of the being Brazilian.

In this double CD we can listen to some of the cutting edge artists and producers of the Brazilian electronic and world music now-a-days.

First CD (Urban) shows mostly the big metropolis trends while the second (Leisure) reflects more the spirit of the traditions.

Brazilounge 3 is a record full of good energy, a guide to the ultimate electronic and world music trends Made in Brazil.


01. Felipe Venâncio - Convite para vida (domestic house edit)
02. Antônio Pinto - Remix boca
03. Electro Côco - WWW.sem
04. DJ Dolores - No future mix
05. Gil Mahadeva - Bossa japa
06. Eletrobossa - No flash please
07. Lunatics feat. Mau Mau remix - Sexy, joy of men desire
08. Stolen Beat - Going south (glamour)
09. DJ Mallocca. - Sem palavras
10. Oil Filter feat. Flávia Giardino - Walking on the moon
11. Planadores - Roda (A terra já virou tanto)
12. Mad Zoo - Mad Zoo sessions
13. Cabruera - Zabé sabe (Chico Correa eletrococo remix)
14. Chico Correa & Eletronic Band - Serena serená

01. Instituto - Samba trio remix
02. Maracutaia - Tristeza camará
03. Corciolli - Agua do mar
04. Dalla - Lachrimae
05. Dub Mentals - Ser gipe
06. Rica Amabis - Mulata assanhada
07. BoTECOeletro - Jackson de aço
08. Donna Maria feat. Pedro Luís - Azulejos voadores
09. Dj Dolores - Narradores (Instituto mix)
10. Marysa Alfaia - Transe forró funk
11. Dona Cila do Coco & Instituto - Juntando coco
12. Maracatu Nação Estrela Brilhante - Cheguei meu povo
13. Samba Coco Raízes de Arcoverde - Godê pavão
14. Silvério Pessoa & Re:Combo - Ta como o diabo gosta
15. Cordão do boitatá - Marcha das flores


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