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Divas do Fado Novo

Artist: Various
Gender: Novo Fado
Format: CD Digipack
Label: Different World
Cat.: DW50005CD
Ean Code: 5605064500050
Released: 26.04.2004
Distribution: Zeeside Consulting

José Régio, famous Portuguese poet, once wrote «Fado was born one bad day. (…) as the sad sailor sang.»

Those were the 40’s but, as Fado enters the XXI Century, it is not only about sadness, suffering, heartache and homesickness (our saudade, the Portuguese word with no proper translation to any other language).

Meanwhile, Fado was absorbing the influences of the world that encircles it, blinking the eye to the new trends.

Still paying respect to the tradition of the Portuguese national song and it’s guitar, new instruments brought fresh air to it’s soul. A movement was born, and became recognized as “Novo Fado”. The “offspring” is a very rich nuance with it’s experimentation and innovation, blunting new ways, glimpsing to new audiences and an overseas credit.

Being impossible to say anything about Fado without using the word Woman (Severa is the Legend, Amália the Queen), the “Novo Fado” is now creating its Divas. Each one with its personal and unique touch - yet transversal and universal – they offer their voices to the world.

This compilation gathers great and famous voices that coexist with others that practically make their debut here: Ana Laíns, Liana and Raquel Peters. Each of the ten singers present us with two songs.

The booklet includes a short biographical summary and a photograph of each Artist.

“Divas do Fado Novo” congregates the feminine soul at the more contemporary side of Fado.


01. Cristina Branco - O Meu Amo”
02. Cristina Branco - Assim Que Te Despes
03. Ana Sofia Varela - Porque Voltas De Que Lei
04. Ana Sofia Varela - Lágrima
05. Mísia - Dança De Mágoas
06. Mísia - Garras Dos Sentidos
07. Ana Moura - Sou Do Fado, Sou Fadista
08. Ana Moura - Guarda-me A Vida Na Mão
09. Liana - Ternura
10. Liana - Partindo-se
11. Ana Maria - Sôdade
12. Ana Maria - Beijo Da Saudade
13. Margarida Guerreiro - Minha Terra É Linda
14. Margarida Guerreiro - Irmã Sombra
15. Katia Guerreiro - Asas
16. Katia Guerreiro - É Noite Na Mouraria
17. Raquel Peters - Ó Alma
18. Raquel Peters - Lisboa De Encanto
19. Ana Laíns - Fado Meu
20. Ana Laíns - Gaivota (acapela)


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