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Real Earth

Artist: Various
Title: REAL EARTH (Worldwide, Soulful, Organic)
Gender: Nu Soul / Afro Beats
Format: 2CD Digipack
Label: Different World
Cat.: DW50012DCD
Ean Code: 5605064500128
Released: 30.09.2005
Distribution: Zeeside Consulting

Like the journey of music itself, Real Earth succeeds in weaving together urban tracks from Africa to Europe and back again. Connecting luminaries like Caron Wheeler to Ladysmith Black Mambazo was never going to be easy, but each song effortlessly flows into the other.

The compilation is a highly considered combination of up and coming Nu-Soul stars like Natalie Williams (UK) to established acts such as South Africa's Afropop legend -Yvonne Chaka Chaka. It moves from intelligent Hip-Hop (Killa Benz with Jeffrey Darnell) to African Jazz (Goldfish) with ease. Enough recognisable names and surprisingly pleasant introductions make this 2cd set a listening pleasure.

Real Earth breaks new ground, and word of mouth alone will ensure sales by the bucketload.


CD 1
01. Natalie Williams - Yours Truly
02. Lungelo - Cherriee Kaban'le
03. KB - Beautiful Vibrations
04. Khethi - Why Don't you
05. Carla Dimonde - Have Faith
06. Natalie Williams - Butterfly
07. Peshaya - Feel It
08. Arabella Rodriguez - Private Lives
09. B. Choyek- Reaching
10. Undacova- No Love Lost
11. Killa Benz - Come On Over
12. B. Choyek - Sea Lion

01. Migrant Souls - Drum Ride
02. Blk Sonshine - Melting in The Rain
03. Kween (feat. JJC) - Ayiyele
04. Laygwan Sharkie - Vision
05. Goldfish - The Real Deal
06. Yvonne Chaka Chaka - We are Growing
07. Lungelo - Mic
08. JJC (feat. Cherise) - Atide
09. Metaphysics - Godform
10. Egyptian Nursery - Oyebisi Nga
11. Beifus - Lava
12. RSL (feat. Ladysmith Black Mabazo) - Elungelo


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