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Stress Free! No Stress Added

Artist: Various
Title: STRESS FREE! No Stress Added
Gender: Electronic / Chill
Format: CD Digipack
Label: Different City
Cat.: DC60004CD
Ean Code: 5605064600040
Released: 07.04.2005
Distribution: Zeeside Consulting

Stress Free ! No Stress Added. is a new concept from the Lisbon based label Different City.
A compilation full of positive energy that provides a wellbeing feeling, the artwork reflects that well, the escape from the stress of the big cities in order to relief the daily pressure and to find peaceful moments somewhere to refill the batteries.

An easy listening selection of cool electronic music, sometimes with some acoustic instruments and mostly with vocals, featuring some well known artists such as dZihan & Kamien or Chari Chari but introduces as well, some new talents as the Canadian Andrea Revel or the South African Jefferson feat. Sarah-Jane.

A record to listen when needed anywhere at anytime, specially after a hard working day as it is completely Stress Free and has no Stress Added !


01. Andrea Revel - White noise
02. Jefferson feat. Sarah-Jane - Feeling the sun
03. Vargo - Relax
04. Speedometer - Private Roots feat Yoshie Nakamo from Ego-Wrappin
05. dZihan & Kamien - Smile
06. Izzi Dunn - Big Picture
07. Kabanjak - Chinese Reverie
08. Kaoru Inoue presents Chari Chari - Sound of Joy
09. Mr. Tea - Argentina mon amour
10. Human Dimension - Life is a gift
11. Stolen Beat - Evolucionar
12. Eletrobossa - Acabou a Tristeza
13. Room Service feat. Drew Bowmore - Ambrosia (Living room mix)
14. Parov Stelar feat. Miss Anita Riegler - The one
15. Maria João Branco - Too Much of a Good Thing


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