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Jazzmine presents

Finalmente, demos vida à nossa estrela Jazzmine, que nos tem acompanhado há algum tempo. Jazzmine é uma mulher jovem, contemporânea, sofisticada e inteligente, cujo bom gosto a leva a viajar na descoberta do que o mundo de melhor tem para oferecer.

A colecção Jazzmine apresenta os melhores temas de world beats, recolhidos por todo o globo. Músicas que fundem raízes com electrónica, a descobertas de novos talentos e a confirmação dos melhores valores.
A colecção Jazzmine é uma viagem à volta do mundo, através das mais excitantes cidades e regiões, sob uma lente de expressão musical urbana e requintada.

As 12 etapas de Jazzmine são: Buenos Aires, Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro, London, Tibet, Milan, Andaluzia, Africa, Paris, Ibiza, Arabia e Tokyo.

London today, is one of the world's leading business, financial and cutural centers with global influence in politics, education, entertainment, media, fashion and the arts, all of which contribute to its status as one of the major cities on the globe.

London is probably the most cosmopolitan of European cities, having a population drawn from a wide range of peoples, cultures and religions and speaking over 300 different languages.
For all of the above, it’s a melting pot of music. So, it was not easy to choose only one genre for this album, however, we decided to focus on the the city's Nu Soul, a multi-cultural style that somehow reflects the cosmopolitan spirit from the city of Big Ben.

This is the 4th volume of the Jazzmine Collection, where we can feel the warmth of soulful vocals, down and up-tempo rhythms, groovy basslines, jazzy athmospheres and much more. Here we can listen to a very talented generation of musicians and producers, to makes us dance, sing or simply chill.

Artist: Various, Jazzmine presents
Gender: World Beat
Format: CD Digipack
Label: Different World
Cat.: DW50038CD
Ean Code: 5605064500388
Released: 10.09.2007
Distribution: Zeeside Consulting


01. Celloman feat. Shaun Escoffrey - Streets Paved With Gold
02. Digital Capers feat. Omi - Rude boy
03. Natalie Williams - Yours truly (Drew Horley's Remix)
04. Kb - Life Is Good
05. Dirin Spi - Sunshine
06. Pesheya - Feel it
07. Human Dimension - Between the blue and the orange
08. Carla Diamond - Have faith
09. Luis Ramirez & Aaron Jacques - No plan
10. Anabella Rodriguez - Private lives
11. Ka§par & Rui Murka - Passion victim feat. Kalaf & J+J
12. Andreal Revel - White Noise (James Krohn & Lil' John remix)
13. Livin Out Loud - All that really matters (MJ Cole Remix)
14. EC - What if

Artist: Various, Jazzmine presents
Gender: World Beat
Format: CD Digipack
Label: Different World
Cat.: DW50037CD
Ean Code: 5605064500371
Released: 30.07.2007
Distribution: Zeeside Consulting

Rio de Janeiro
"Olha que coisa mais linda, mais cheia de graça ..." this was probably the greatest tribute paid to the city of Rio de Janeiro, the song "Garota de Ipanema" written by António Carlos Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes in 1962. This song reflects very well the amazing spirit of Rio de Janeiro in all its beauty, and was recorded by so many different artists such as Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald.

The city was the capital of Brazil until 1960 and of the Portuguese Empire. Commonly known as just Rio, the city is also nicknamed A Cidade Maravilhosa - "The Marvelous City".

Rio de Janeiro is famous for its beautiful beaches, Carnival and inevitably its music, Samba and Bossa Nova. This is 3rd title of the collection, where we can listen to the finest Electro Bossa Samba grooves, performed mostly by the new generation of Brazilian artists.
The good vibes of Rio are all here, it feels like summer!


01. Cris Delanno - Crazy little thing called Love
02. Deeper Sense feat. Mylene - Praia Grande
03. Brazuka Fina - Chorar pra quê?
04. Marissa - I love you, you love me
05. Remake The Cake - Quem tem tem tem
06. Feeling Carioca - My Daily Trip
07. Stolen Beat - Going south (glamour)
08. Tarek - Quintal
09. Leo Gandelman feat. Seu Jorge - Dançará
10. JC Loops feat. Luís Moreno - Rio 65
11. Zambe - Ladeira do Samba
12. Sylvia Patrícia - Não quero saber seu nome (remix)
13. Mr. Tea feat. Maria Sólis - Movimento Azul
14. Metro - Meu amor, meu amor (meu limão de amargura)

Artist: Various, Jazzmine presents
Gender: World Beat
Format: CD Digipack
Label: Different World
Cat.: DW50036CD
Ean Code: 5605064500364
Released: 25.06.2007
Distribution: Zeeside Consulting

This is the 2nd title of the collection. Lisbon, as a city from where half world was discovered, become a multi-cultural metropolis during it’s more than 8 centuries. It’s human landscape is very diverse and reflects many influences, from the ancient Celts to the Moorish conquerors and – on the past centuries – from the African Portuguese speaking countries and Brazil.

Lisbon is also a modern European city, and continues to welcome new thoughts and visions.
On this volume, we can have a glimpse of the cultural melting pot Lisbon is nowadays, where the new generation artists are using other rhythms and modern tools on traditional music. Here we mostly listen to Fado mixed up with electronic beats with vocals but not only.

Lisbon CD has the frontline of the Portuguese electronica showing their contemporary vision about one of the oldest European cities.
A colourful portrait of Lisbon in the 21st century.


01. Double MP - Intro Gaivotas
02. Double MP - Bhigheshima
03. Bulllet feat. Liana - Cansaço
04. Alex FX feat. Marta Bernardes - Sabe-se lá
05. Cool Hipnoise - Flor de Lua (Wet Moon version)
06. Fusionlab feat. Kalaf - Havemos de ir a Viena
07. Sam the Kid - Êthos
08. Ka§par & Rui Murka feat. Melo D - Vou dar de beber à dor
09. Mr. Tea feat. Orlanda - Barco Negro
10. Maria João Branco - Amália
11. Liana - Tempo
12. Lisbon City Rockers feat. Margarida Pinto - Estranha forma de vida
13. Bangguru - If you wanna survive
14. Deeper Sense - Madrugada

Artist: Various, Jazzmine presents
Gender: World Beat
Format: CD Digipack
Label: Different World
Cat.: DW50035CD
Ean Code: 5605064500357
Released: 14.04.2007
Distribution: Zeeside Consulting

Buenos Aires in this first title of the collection, here we can listen to the most exciting Electro Tango tracks.
Electronic Tango became popular early in the new millennium and very quickly has established its own identity, crossing borders into the mainstream.

The “Tango Nuevo” as the Argentineans call it, is now-a-days one of the favourite genres in dance classes among the Tango enthusiastics.

Like any new music, it was influenced by the social and cultural context in the natural evolution process of Tango.

Intense, passionate, romantic, sensual, melancholic, elegant and sophisticated.


01. Amor Porteño - Deeper Sense feat. Lucía Echagüe
02. Tarrango -Club des Belugas feat. Anne Schnell
03. Evolucionar - Stolen Beat
04. Argentina mon amour - Mr. Tea
05. Solo tu mio amor - Gabrielle Chiararo
06. Triunfo -Tangothic
07. Mundo Bizarro - Electro Dub Tango
08. Aires del Tango - Remake the Cake
09. Buenos Aires - Jose Cormano
10. Buenos Aires at dusk - Mugwort
11. Gira - Electro Dub Tango feat. Jimena Fama
12. No tengo Tango - Mr. Tea feat. Paula Teixeira
13. Figli del vento - Marver Quartet
14. Buenos Aires Theme - Deeper Sense


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