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Different World
Artist: Various, Jazzmine presents Title: LONDON Gender: World Beat Format: CD Digipack Label: Different World Cat.: DW50038CD Ean Code: 5605064500388 Released: 10.09.2007 Distribution: Zeeside Consulting

Brazilounge 4
The world’s most original and refreshing brazilian compilation is back and celebrating its 4th anniversary. In this new volume we have inspired the artwork in the galactic brazilian soccer players, to celebrate the passion shared among the nations for this year’s Soccer World Cup.

Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro "Olha que coisa mais linda, mais cheia de graça ..." this was probably the greatest tribute paid to the city of Rio de Janeiro, the song "Garota de Ipanema" written by António Carlos Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes in 1962. This song reflects very well the amazing spirit of Rio de Janeiro in all its beauty, and was recorded by so many different artists such as Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald.

This is the 2nd title of the collection. Lisbon, as a city from where half world was discovered, become a multi-cultural metropolis during it’s more than 8 centuries. It’s human landscape is very diverse and reflects many influences, from the ancient Celts to the Moorish conquerors and – on the past centuries – from the African Portuguese speaking countries and Brazil.

Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires in this first title of the collection, here we can listen to the most exciting Electro Tango tracks. Electronic Tango became popular early in the new millennium and very quickly has established its own identity, crossing borders into the mainstream.

Tango Desnudo

Real Earth
Like the journey of music itself, Real Earth succeeds in weaving together urban tracks from Africa to Europe and back again. Connecting luminaries like Caron Wheeler to Ladysmith Black Mambazo was never going to be easy, but each song effortlessly flows into the other.

Divas do Fado Novo
José Régio, famous Portuguese poet, once wrote «Fado was born one bad day. (…) as the sad sailor sang.»

Brazilounge 3
Brazilounge is one the most successful collection of the new musical trends from Brazil´s today. We have selected 30 hot tracks of the new Brazilian electro-world-beats, you can find a wide range of genres in an electronic groovy way such as Bossa-Nova, Forró, Samba, Ambient, Fashion, Jazz and others.

Favela Funk
Welcome to the most exciting underground club scene in the world. In 1989 DJ Marlboro produced the LP Funk Brasil with rapping in Portuguese, and from thereon in, tracks sung in Portuguese were increasingly introduced into the bailes with the result that from the mid-nineties, a Funk DJ's set would consist entirely of material produced in Brazil.

Pull UP Jamaica
Above all politics , religions and cultures, music is the world's connection link!

Tango? - When Electronic meets Tango ...
Tango, the main cultural identity of Argentina is, in the first place, an essentially danceable musical genre and, as such, it has a beat and a structure that makes it different from any other genre.

World Trends
A record where harmony comes and bridges different cultures on a quarrelsome world where music has the ability to unite what religion and politics separate.

Amália Revisited
"Amália revisited" gathers some of the most representative talents of the fresher Portuguese scene.

Africa Deluxe
Some say Africa is the Motherland where the first sounds were originally created by mankind, and later become what we call - nowadays - music.

Africa Crioula
Africa Crioula is a journey through the most creative years of Angola. All these recordings were made at V.C. Studios in Luanda, from 1965 up until 1975. These are original recordings, previously unreleased in CD and available for the first time now in this digitally mastered collection.

Liana - is a fusion between traditional Fado, new technologies and world-music. In order to get that result, Liana had the help of musicians like Custódio Castelo, Femme Art String Quartet and the producer, composer & musician Tiago Machado.

Liana - Tempo

Donna Maria - Tudo É Para Sempre
“Tudo É Para Sempre” is a record that breaths Portugal. It counts with the fantastic cooperation of an handfull of Brazilian and Portuguese guest composers and artists. To name just a few: Duets with Paulo de Carvalho and Vitorino (Portuguese well knowed artists), Pedro Luís e a Parede and Letícia Vasconcelos (Brazilian composers and musicians (the former of the Pedro Luís e A Parede and the later one voice hard to forget).

Electrobossa - Brazilian vibes from the 70´s with modern electronica
Eletrobossa could be the title of a Nu-Bossa compilation. In fact, it is a double CD with themes produced mainly by Edson X, one of the new Brazilian electronic music talents.

Metrô - Déjà-vu
After seventeen years without playing together, metrô reunited to make a new record called Déjà Vu. The album comes out on the 20 of October on Difference.

Ana Laíns - Sentidos
“Sentidos”, the first album, is released in 2006, through the label Different World, and is also the debut of Diogo Clemente as a producer. At the studio, Ana had the precious collaboration of Diogo Clemente at the acoustic guitar (credited not only for the production, but also for the musical direction and arrangements), Fernando Araújo at bass guitar, Bernardo Couto at Portuguese guitar, Vicky at percussion, Ricardo Mota at cello and Ruben Alves at accordion, piano and melodica.

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