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Different Star
Tara Perdida - Lambe-Botas
Produced by Cajó and recorded at MB studios (Oporto), with technical assistance by Paulo Trindade and Mário Pereira), and also at Beebop studios (Paço de Arcos). 13 Tara Perdida styled themes, from which "Quanto Mais Eu Grito" was selected for the promotional video.

Lennon - I Am
How does one sum up the life of 22-year-old female rock artist Lennon Murphy? Do you start with the death of her only parent at the age of 18, the two year successful battle for adoption of her 10 year old sister, the release of her debut album on tragic Sept. 11, 2001 her departure from Arista Records due to internal problems, and give into the poor little girl tale that every article in her press book leaves you pondering; or do you look past the story, look past the sexual imagery, and discover Lennon in the honesty of her music. On Lennon’s sophomore album I Am, honesty is exactly what you’ll find. In an industry of disposable artists and catchy jingles, Lennon’s latest release reminds one of a time when it used to be about the songs and nothing more.

Pop Dell'Arte - POPlastik 1985-2005
Ladies & Gentlemen: In January 1985 João Peste (vocals), Zé Pedro Moura (guitar), Paulo Salgado (bass), e Ondina Pires (vocals and drums) form Pop Dell’ Arte - one of the most original bands ever. Along with António Variações, Mler If Dada, Mão Morta, Repórter Estrábico, GNR, Heróis do Mar e Rádio Macau, among others, they created a unique musical universe, timeless, subversive and with a trademark sound, simultaneously international and Portuguese.

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