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Different City
Stress Free! No Stress Added
Stress Free ! No Stress Added. is a new concept from the Lisbon based label Different City. A compilation full of positive energy that provides a wellbeing feeling, the artwork reflects that well, the escape from the stress of the big cities in order to relief the daily pressure and to find peaceful moments somewhere to refill the batteries.

Real Jazz
Jazz has been said to the rhythm of human life thru out the years. This particular kind of music has been the base ground for the most astonishing musical developments in history. If we would search for the roots of many music styles of our days, we would find that Jazz is the most important, and in some cases the only root we can find.

Dancefloor Directions
Dance music is, in most cases, structured in the rhythmic section: bass and drum. If there’s something common to every music that makes us move, it’s certainly the interaction between these two elements, the dynamic it unchains and the very own way of feeling it … In a word, the Groove!

Cool Trends
2005: We live in a time where certainties no longer exist. Where the world constantly amazes itself (does it, really?), but still there will always be someone willing to reinvent it. A time where we look for the most distinct ways of facing problems, forgetting however that simpler things are sometimes all we need to feel less burdened.

Breath Sunshine 2
For the first time ever, Difference presents it’s first DualDisc edition: “A” side is a CD, “B” is a DVD! Breathe Sunshine is a creative musical collection of South Africa’s most talented electronic artists. Drawing upon a dynamic environment of multicultural ethnicity, Breathe Sunshine delivers cutting-edge electronic beats with an authentic South African flavour.

Quebra Costas Jazz & Beats
We always return to the things we love. To people, books, films, pictures, music and places. In Coimbra , an ancient city of old places, there's one place to which we always return.

The Sound of Fashion by Etxart & Panno
Boldness and originality have always inspired the artistic world. Fashion and music live in a common place. A fashion show without music would be like a record without it’s images. This CD is the continuity of the original concept of the previous work, where tracks give place to the months (March to February) and the months to the seasons (Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter).

Izzi Dunn - The Big Picture
Classically trained cellist, singer and songwriter, she has all the skills she needs to create her own world of music, which she has indeed done on her debut long player. Both Izzi's parents were musicians: her mother an opera singer and her father a fifties singer and radio presenter. Even though the cello provided the gateway for both ‘professional' and classical training, IzzI's defining learning curve seemed to come in the form of collaborations . The diversity and breadth of these collaborations immediately smashed any expectations or pigeonholes, that the cello, contemporary soul music or hip-hop might bring to mind. IzzI has worked with some of the most influential and forward thinking musicians in the world, including: Roots Manuva, MJ Cole, Ravi Shankar, George Harrison, Soul II Soul, Chaka Khan, I.G. Culture, Oasis, Brand New Heavies and Wookie , amongst others.

Human Dimension - Design & Lifestyle
Design & Lifesty is a new concept presented by the Lisbon Based Label Different City and the Artist Human Dimension. Rodrigo Xeira is the Artist behind this project, his music through Human Dimension and his side project Stolen Beat can be found in very well known compilations around the globe.

Andrea Revel - Citysong
Country girl meets city girl . Nature meets Industry. Andrea Revel's second LP Citysong "marries her folk-roots side with light electronic beats and atmospherics, for a moody and often intoxicating disc" (The Calgary Sun). Described as "Morcheeba goes to Nashville", this collection of bedroom tapes is "introspective without being indulgent and sophisticated without being standoffish" (The Montreal Gazette), creating a sexy and sometimes melancholic late night listen.

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